Managing Critical Alerts

We have encountered a high volume of queries to use our platform, due to the increased requirements to monitor business data. The following is a guide to get set up and running, effectively and easily. At any point, please reach out to us in the live chat and we're always happy to help.

Critical Alerts

Critical alerts are a key part of business intelligence that help shield your company and your customers during global events. Increases in purchases on a certain product page can indicate increased interest in a product, decreases in purchasing between add to cart and checkout can indicate a bug in development and the list goes on. Catching these early helps your business be agile and solve problems in real-time, as they occur.

We have added a video to help you get set up with alerts:

Here's an example of a recently triggered alert, due to data dipping unexpectedly:

Anomalies this week in conversions

Updated on: 19/03/2022

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